Target audience

Modern social medias allow for a great flexibility in selecting the target audience and its segments. You can narrow your advertisement to a group of people that havea a higher likelyhood to be interested in your service and/or product

Brand or product promotion

SMM focuses not on sales as such, but rather on creatng a community around a product or brand


Communication with your clients helps understanding of their needs on a deeper level. This is absolutely vital for young brands


A good SMM campaign contributes greatly to the trust towards your brand. Many people disregard conventional advertisement, while trusting to communication via SMM

Why SMM?

Social media play an increasingly big role in our lives.  Social media like Youtube, FB, LinkedIn and some others are now gobal players. Creating the communities around your brand or communicating with the existing ones, can often provide a much better result than conventional advertisement. A viral marketing campaign can bring your brand a global recognition or create a trend in your favour. You can't simply disregard these opportunities!

Factors to consider when planning your SMM strategy

If you want to win, of course

Marketing strategy

Accessibility of information

Appropriate content and visualization

Communication methods

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis makes it possible to list all their achievements and mistakes on a single sheet of paper. You strategy will benefit greatly if you take your time and study this list carefully.


Content publication planning by categories, penetration analysis, creation of social media-based community.

Strategy development

Your srtategy will set your goals, actions and pace of the campaign. At this stage the key message is defined as well as communication methods that correspond to current brand positioning.

Evaluation and follow-up

At this stage the close eye on campaign metrics is kept. Each communication type and content category is scrutinized in order to identify the best practice for reaching the goals of your strategy. The monitoring is done by means of a particular social media-specific tools as well as by monitoring traffic quality on a brend website from social media channel.


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