We identify your need

By conducting a meeting or two, we identify your needs so we can elaborate several suitable solution options

We evaluate price and duration

We take into consideration every detail, put them into a spec, give you your personal price and delivery time estimations

Layout design

We create structured design files and prepare them for HTML+CSS+JS coding


Your layout is ready to be used by front-end developers

The importance of website design


As you load a website, its design gives you the first impression

This first impression often plays a crucial role in user conversion. Another very important factor is user experience. 

Thus a modern website simply must have a good design concept, be nice to use in general and have a convenient content structure.

The content arrangement throughout the pages of your website is very important too. The proper content plays a crucial role for user experience as well as for website ranking. The information on your website should hook a user so he or she would be interested in whatever you offer on your website.

The correct arrangement can make your website more digestible. You can achieve that by an ordinary text formatting: using subheaders, introducing dividers, bullet lists etc.

Images are crucial for content, and placing a video gives you strong advantage, since it is likely increase time on site.


Your web site must function flawlessly, smoothly and without any glitches. All web pages are required to be responsive, all menu tabs should work smoothly and as intended.

Don't forget to link your website to social media and make sure you track that user flow.

We offer design solutions

Landing page

The purpose of a landing page is to advertise mostly a single product or service and convert user.

Such pages often have numerous tools that increase conversion. Building a good landing page is a whole area of expertise, since selection and application of appropriate tools is often a matter of trial and error.

Corporate website

A corporate website is like a virtual headquarters.

Corporate website design is a carefully developed system. Its view complies to and complements the corporate style.

With the first messages, the website should communicate the visitor what this company does, its positioning and principal services and/or products.

Small and medium business website

A website of this kind has normally several pages with a useful information about the company and short description of its products or services.

A visitor should be able to quickly understand what is this company about and see contact information.

News website or webportal

A news website is a high-load solution with a new content being added all the time.  On top of that, it has to be interactive for users and allow them to comment and share the content.

E-commerce / online shop

Online store is your virtual storefront, where users can see the product, learn its properties, read reviews and finally buy it! It is a universal and convenient way of selling most consumer goods.

Blog, portfolio etc

We also design blogs, portfolios and personal websites.